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The common thread running through our company history is the ongoing pursuit of technological innovation in the service of fruit and vegetable processing for processing plants. What were the key milestones along this journey of innovation?

Together with the Dalle Vacche company, which would continue supplying mechanical technology until 1993, the company begins producing wooden machinery for fruit processing in Massa Lombarda, in the Italian province of Ravenna.

Installation of Europe’s first optical-volumetric system for sorting Abate Fetel pears, in partnership with the TNT company, subsequently a founding member of Unitec.

The merger between TNT and Dalle Vacche gives rise to Unitec.
The technologies of the two companies together with the professionalism of their men inspired the name Unitec.

Unitec launches a research project into non-destructive technologies for detecting internal quality in fruit.

Market launch of QUALITY STATION, the world’s first portable system for non-destructive detection of internal quality in fruit & vegetables based on NIR technology.

Unitec is the first sector company to obtain ISO 9001 quality certification. Later, in 2005, we obtained OHSAS 18001 safety management system certification and ISO 14001 environmental management system certification.

Market launch of QS ON LINE for non-destructive (in-line) detection of internal quality in fruit & vegetables based on NIR technology.

Installation of the first UNICAL 200 cherry, ultra-gentle sorter with pneumatic discharge system for cherries and cherry tomatoes, with selection of size and color at very high capacity (up to 30 fruits/sec).

Market launch of ULTRAVISION, the first system for analysis and detection of external defects and shape for yellow and green kiwis.

Creation of the first range of QS ON LINE, plants, designed to enhance quality with non-destructive (in-line) detection of defects and internal organoleptic characteristics in fresh fruit & vegetables.

Launch of QS 300, the new portable version of QUALITY STATION designed for pre-harvest measurement of internal quality in fruit.

Launch of Cherry Vision Unitec Technology, the sector’s first high-capacity system for non-destructive detection of internal and external quality in cherries.

Launch of Chestnut Vision Unitec Technology, the sector’s first system for detection of external quality in chestnuts.

Unitec continues to look to the future: the company’s R&D division unveils:

UNI BINS WASH, the first automatic bin washing system to feature an intelligent wash process;

UNI SLM Apricot Vision Unitec Technology the innovative system for non-destructive detection of ripeness in apricots;

MULTI PACK, the new automatic packing machine for kiwis.

Installation of an innovative cherry electronic sizing plant in California (USA) comprising 40 sizing lanes equipped with Cherry Vision Unitec Technology.

UNI BOX 021, the new technology for automatic opening of crates sized 60×40 cm, with supply of footboards of closed crates at machine entry and a palletization system for stacked open crates at machine exit.

Installation of the first Cherry Vision 2 Unitec Technology system.
Now there’s an even more efficient way of selecting defects in cherries.

Opening of 3 new Branches and Service Centres:
Wenatchee (Washington), Rancagua (Chile), Paarl (South Africa).

Unitec celebrates its 90-year anniversary. 90 years of success shared with clients.
Through research and continuous innovation, Unitec guarantees another 90.
At least.

Creation of Blueberry Vision, the innovative and exclusive Unitec equipment which enables inspection of 100% of the fruit surface and analyses external and internal quality parameters, such as size, color, external peel defects and softness. The first UNICAL 222 BERRY line for blueberry’s quality automatic selection is installed.

Unisorting was born. It is the new company, 100% controlled by Unitec, that embodies and makes the most of the great technological expertise of historical companies such as Sammo, Sado, and Longobardi.
Unisorting broadens the know-how of Unitec Group with its expertise in technologies for the processing of specific products such as apples, oranges, asparagus, dates, mangoes, etc.

In Istanbul (Turkey) a new branch opened. Unitec is now even closer to its clients.

Introduction into the market of the automatic cherry box filler AC 450. Successfully tested in the packing of delicate varieties such as Rainier, AC 450 is much more gentle than the traditional systems on the market.

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