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Unitec Service. Always and Everywhere.

Professional and technological availability. The world over.

Unitec Service is state-of-the-art. Just as Unitec’s corporate philosophy demands and as Unitec’s clients deserve. Wherever they are.

The professional, specialist Team that Unitec provides for its clients can resolve any electrical, electronic, mechanical or software compatibility issues that may arise, anywhere in its installations.

Unitec designs and delivers highly advanced complete lines and individual technologies, entirely from its factories in Italy.
Unitec Service can assist you always and everywhere.


The technology that Unitec supplies to its clients is always connected to the Unitec Service Centre.

Through the network, the Service Team can therefore optimise the performance of Unitec technology or resolve any discrepancies that may occur.

A step ahead.

Technology evolves rapidly. Unitec knows how to stay ahead. And then quickly make it available for clients through upgrading able to make Unitec systems even more efficient, and enhance the business that they generate.

With upgrades installed by Unitec Service, the investment made will gain in efficiency and consequently in value.

Unitec. We work for your result.

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