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Unitec. The global solution for your business.



For 90 years we have been using the expertise to achieve results that make our Customers happy.


Ability to listen to and analyze the requirements of every Customer.
The comprehension to find the most effective Solutions.


We design a better future.
We design innovative solutions for growing businesses.


Safety achieved through ongoing research.
Concrete, lasting results for your business.


Ergonomic solutions aimed to improve your results.
Reduction in the risk of occupational diseases.
Conformity with standard
EN 1005-4.
Conformity with standard
EN ISO 14738.

No Problem System.

Systems dedicated to each fruit in order to create a coherent quality for your markets.
Internal and external quality selection of your fruit.
Integrated traceability of your process.


We design every single component to guarantee reliable results to your work.
Attention to even the smallest detail in order to responsibly meet every specific requirement.


We look at your process with curious eyes in the light of new ideas.
Innovation applied to every machine, every material, every component.


Professional and rapid assistance. Always.
United with our customers
for 90 years.


Our customers are never left alone. No matter where their business is in the world.
We speak your language to give you rapid and professional responses.

Discover Unitec solutions.
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