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A new smart technological system for cherry classification, which is totally automated.

Once more, Unitec has changed the rules in the world of cherries.
With Cherry Vision 3.0 there’s a new way to increase operating margins, and to reduce processing costs considerably as well
as to open new markets with absolute consistency in quality offered to customers.

The cherry business enters a new era.

Maximum Reliability

Cherry quality is classified as never before.

Complete Automation

The entire surface of the fruit is inspected without the aid of manual selection.

Zero Waste

The new Unitec technology reduces production costs significantly and add value to your cherries.

New Markets

Quality is guaranteed in every supply for you and your customers. For any destination market.

Cherry Vision 3.0, the new launchpad for your international business.

Unitec leads Packing Houses towards maximum efficiency in the production process.

Unitec innovative technology guarantees total reliability, so as to satisfy Large-Scale Retail and the end consumer.
You will gain you customers loyalty since they will gain their own customers loyalty, too.

Cherry Vision 3.0 is a reliable travelling companion you can count on for your growth and development plans.

Cherry Vision 3.0 characteristics


Fruit is classified
as never before.


The entire surface
of each single fruit is inspected.


Consistent Quality
in classification is ensured.


It is Smart Technology,
totally automatic.


No need
of manual selection.


Potential human mistakes
are avoided.


Processing costs
are reduced significantly.


Zero waste.


No claims due
to classification mistakes.


Every supply is guaranteed
for your customer.


The credibility and image
of your company is enhanced.


Your business is expanded
into new markets.

Quality is classified as never before.

With Unitec Cherry Vision 3.0 your business will improves more and more every day.

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