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With Unitec you will have reliable and consistent fruit and vegetables quality over time.
That is, loyal customers.

Unitec technology detects internal and external quality of fruit and vegetables
and it sorts by:

A quality parameter example: Degree of ripeness.

Big/Huge benefits for modern retailing.

Modern Retailing will benefit much from offering fruit and vegetables sorted by quality: ripeness degree, Brix degree, hardness, dimensions, internal defects, external defects, shape, colour, acidity, and so on.
In this way, it can offer different and consistent-over-time levels of quality; and each consumer can choose the quality that best meets his needs. Finding it consistent every time he buys.
So you will have loyal customers and lower operating costs.

Today this is possible.

Today this is possible by using Unitec innovative technologies.
Modern Retailing will be more efficient in fruit and vegetables offering.
It will be more effective in meeting each consumer’s different needs and create loyal customers.

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