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Unitec. Sorting, grading and packing machines and equipment for Fresh Fruit and Vegetables.

The most innovative technology for your business.

Unitec knows that sorting fruit and vegetables is an important processing stage.

The purpose of sorting is grading fruit according to parameters such as dimensions (diameter, length and shape), thus defining sorting classes for the many varieties of fruit.

Unitec innovative technology applied to fruit sorting and packing guarantees that the product quality features are safeguarded. This is possible because Unitec has designed specifically dedicated sorter for each single type of fruit, thus safeguarding the total quality level of each piece of fruit.

Unitec sorting machines and electronic sorting equipment as a whole are a distinctive feature of the innovative capacity of Unitec. As of today, Unitec provides highly effective responses for more than 45 different types of fruit and vegetables, with more than 20 dedicated sorting systems.

Unitec sorting process begins from the fruit transport and singulation systems which totally respect the peculiar quality and delicacy of each fruit, and is usually made with patented systems.

The fruits are gently carried through high precision systems to be weighted. This weighing system can also be used for the packaging stages (to make packages with a pre-determined weight).

Fresh fruit and vegetables are then examined by graders and sorting systems according to external (colour, skin defects, etc.) and internal quality such as hardness measurement, brix degrees, ripeness, damage of the pulp, etc.

With Unitec innovative technology you will always have the situation and your business under control.

100% Made in Unitec.

Unitec electronic sorters have been designed
and produced to guarantee our customers:

  • the maximum quality and efficiency,
  • the widest technology customisation,
  • the best after-sales service.
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