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Sorting, grading and packing machines and lines for Kiwi processing.

We give your business the power of innovation and of experience.


Unitec technology treats your fruit as a unique product.

three kinds of kiwi

With care and gentleness, to guarantee quality consistency for your Customers.
On all types of kiwi. For every level of business.

Market leaders have chosen Unitec as their preferred technology partner for their kiwi grading plant. Because Unitec is able to give you the most effective quality selection. Lines for Kiwi processing, including sorters, graders, weighers and packing machines. For over 10 years.

Unitec selects the quality of the different varieties with extreme accuracy, to guarantee your business the success it deserves.

kiwi complete plant
unitec bins system
Unitec technologies for bins
kiwi sorting plant


Automation, new quality and profitability parameters.

Zero labour costs.

With Unitec high level of automation, there’s no need for personnel. Quality selection, sorting, weighing and packaging can become a single process.
With Unitec. Without workers.

kiwi processing machine

New parameters for high quality.

Unitec lets you apply new parameters for quality selection: color, symmetricity, shape and degree of ripeness (hardness). To face the market with higher profitability.

Unitec technologies for detect the degree of hardness of the kiwis

Exceptionally accurate weighing.

Unitec guarantees accurate weight of your packages, through innovative technology.
Designed not to waste any of your company’s energy.

kiwi sorting line

Without limits on your business.

Whether you choose to process kiwi with pre-sizing or with direct packaging, and whether your production is high or low, Unitec is the partner that allows you to obtain maximum performance, with maximum profitability.

Kiwi Fruit Sorting, Grading and Packing machines, Processing Plant


Unitec installations are equipped with the innovative KIWI VISION 3 Unitec Technology.

KIWI VISION 3 Unitec Technology is Unitec’s exclusive technology for the detection of the
internal and external quality of kiwi.
It enables to detect: weight, size, color, internal defects, external defects, degree of hardness, Brix degree, shape and symmetricity.
That is, it allows quality assurance.

Unitec’s exclusive technology for the detection of the internal and external quality of kiwis
kiwi grading line
kiwi processing machine
checking the quality of the kiwi
lines and plants for kiwis

Exclusive quality selection. Some detected defects.

Kiwi defect: damage to the flesh
Kiwi defect: damage from hailstones
Kiwi defect: rotten fruit
Kiwi defect: malformation
Kiwi defect: shape defect (flat fruit)
Kiwi defect: Russet 1
Kiwi defect: sunburn
Kiwi defect: healed wound
Kiwi defect: Hayward mark
Kiwi defect: damage from cochineal beetles
Kiwi defect: dehydration
Kiwi defect: Russet 2

High technology.

Unitec technology does a great deal for the kiwi business.
And it does it very well.


The fruit is worked noninvasively and respecting its characteristics.


The same machine can also work other fruits.


It records the required information for the purpose of traceability.

High productivity.

A Unitec system with KIWI VISION 3 Unitec Technology allows you to work up to 10 fruits per second.


Simple, independent calibration of quality selection parameters.

Ease of use.

User-friendly thanks to analogue interfaces.


From dumping to traceability, with Unitec quality at all times.

Unitec complete plant for processing, sorting, grading and packing kiwis


The installation of each Unitec system is in full compliance with the conformities and your business, present and future.

kiwi in bins
Kiwi sorting lines, full plant


The world’s top kiwi growers have chosen Unitec quality, innovation and performance.

Kiwi processing machines: our customers in Chile & Italy
Kiwi processing plant, Solfrutta, Italy
Kiwi processing plant, Afe-Salvi, Italy
Kiwi processing plant, Apofruit, Italy
Kiwi processing plant, Agrintesa, Italy
Kiwi processing plant, Gullino, Italy
Kiwi processing plant, San Francisco Lo Garcés, Chile


Unitec takes loving care of your business.

Unitec develops new winning ideas together with you.

That is, it works to make the achievement of your goals concrete. To grow your business and grow together with you.

You can count on us, whether you are market leader or simply, entrepreneurs looking to the future.

kiwi sorting machine

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