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Processing, sorting and grading machines and lines for Plums.

With Unitec technology and innovation, your business bears delicious fruit.


Our aim is to significantly improve the various processing stages of this particular fruit through technological innovation.


In order to provide tailor-made, tangible responses to market demands for improvement, our company has designed and developed a range of technologies for processing plums. These technologies are extremely flexible as they are able to process the many different varieties of this fruit existing on the market today. We design complete lines with dedicated technology for every processing stage (feeding, treatment, sorting, selection of weight, colour, size, quality and hardness) while safeguarding the quality characteristics of even the most delicate varieties of this fruit.


We produce sorting machines for plums that process at a speed of 15 fruits per second. Our sorting systems also guarantee extremely accurate grading with the possibility of using either optical or weight-based systems (ideal in particular for small-scale operations).

Sorting, Grading and Processing Machines and Lines for Plums

Quality Selection.

In order to provide effective solutions for the automatic selection of plums, we developed the PLUM VISION 3 Unitec Technology system, which totally safeguards the integrity of the product while at the same time offers considerable cost savings in the defect detection stage.
Our technologies for selection of size, colour and defects make it possible to offer to the market top quality packaged products.

Some detected defects.

Plant versatility.

The plants we produce for this particular fruit are extremely versatile: all of our plum processing machines can process other fruits too, in particular fruits that are similar in shape, such as apricots, but also peaches, nectarines, kiwis, mandarins, etc.

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