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Sorting, lines, machines and installation for Plum handling.

With Unitec technology and innovation, your business bears delicious fruit.


Our goal is to bring significant and real improvements to the handling processes, to support your business, through technological innovation.

We design and manufacture sorters and complete plum handling lines from dumping to palletizing.

Together with you, we develop the most effective project to make your business even more successful with the innovative technology that distinguishes us.

Always with UNITEC quality.



​UNITEC Technology did a great deal for the plums business and wants to keep doing it by improving every day in a real way.


 Selection of external and internal quality for each parameter required. UNITEC Technology can reduce to zero the help of manual selection.

​Without limits to your business.

​Whether you choose to handle plums to pre-sort them or to pack them directly, for low or high productions, UNITEC is the partner that can allow you to get maximum performance, with maximum profitability.

Weight detection.

​UNITEC allows high precision in detecting the weight of your packages, through innovative and high-performance Technology to guarantee the maximum benefit to your business.

Plum Selection.

Plum Vision 3 UNITEC Technology and UNIQ Plum UNITEC Technology are the exclusive UNITEC technologies for the selection of the external and internal quality of plums, which totally preserve the integrity of the product. At the same time, these technologies offer considerable cost savings in the quality selection phase.

UNITEC Technologies allow you to offer to the market a product of Consistent Quality over time and can open new business opportunities.

Cherry Plum Selection.

​For each type of product UNITEC develops dedicated software and the most performing technologies for your handling.

UNITEC, Cherry Plum Vision 3 e UNIQ Plum are at your disposal for the external and internal quality selection of small plums.


The fruit is handled non-invasively thus preserving its organoleptic characteristics.


Intuitive and simple calibration of the quality selection parameters

Dedicated packing.

Customization of the packing process for each variety of plum and for each type of package.


It records all the required information to track the different handling batches.

Lines versatility.

UNITEC lines which handle plums can sort other similarly shaped fruit (apricots, peaches, nectarines, kiwis, mandarins, etc.)

UNITEC 100%.

From dumping to traceability, the lines are completely designed and manufactured by the UNITEC Team.

This is a unique guarantee of reliability.

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