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Trevor Hall – Hallmark – Australia

Hallmark Company chooses Unitec technology for its cherries.

Trevor Hall, titolare di Hall-mark Orchards

“We then went to the Unitec factory and I think it is second to none that I have seen in my lifetime as far as the cleanliness, the work ethics, and the quality of the product they were putting out. […]

Well I would rate Unitec probably within the top two companies I’ve ever dealt with in my life. Firstly for professionalism, secondly for friendship, thirdly for a partnership and everything they do is about a partnership and I think that’s great. You know, that’s the sort of people they are. They’re working not only for themselves, for their business, they are working for yours. […]

To me that is why I would support them fully in the future in any other equipment we would want to install.”

Trevor Hall

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