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Atanasio Naranjo – Tany Nature – Spain

Tany Nature Company chooses Unitec technology for its peaches.

“They have always been very open to innovation. The Unitec family gives a lot of attention and listens to its customers. From the first machine, the UNICAL 600, we began to seek a new technology mainly specialized in the selection of fruit of smaller sizes.

We then went on with the UNICAL 300, and all those that we moved forward with. Then we grew a lot in the selection of apricots and we requested for more gentleness. They gave us more gentleness. To follow, with the war on pricing and the crisis in Europe, we requested more modernization. They gave us more modernization.

I believe that they were true pioneers in all that concerns the detection and quality separation.”

Atanasio Naranjo
General Manager

“The results of the Plum Vision 3 system have been with us for three years now. Nowadays it is a fundamental system to preserve quality: it allows you to remove all the worthless fruits, which should never reach the crate.

We are very happy with the results we are obtaining and thanks to UNITEC’s UNIQ system, with the detection of the sugar degree, we were able to select a much larger number of fruits than before for each sample batch, thus reducing the uncertainty in terms of Brix that characterizes these batches. Therefore, we are becoming stronger in selecting batches and thus obtaining a better segmentation of all our plums.

I would assign three adjectives to the whole UNITEC Group and family. The first is that they are CLOSE: they are very close to us when we need to develop a new project together. Then they are INNOVATIVE: they always have the most cutting-edge technology available for fruit sorting. Above all, they are RELIABLE.”

Atanasio Naranjo Jr.
Chief Operating Officer

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