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Cono Randazzo – Cono Randazzo agricultural company – Italy

Cono Randazzo agricultural company chooses Unitec technology for its prickly pears.

“In the relatively confined space of my warehouse, we installed a machine that represents the state of the art in all regards. Unloading is ultra-delicate, so fruit isn’t subjected to any impact. In this small space we managed to include 7 exits, 6 plus one, with convenient tanks for working and a well-designed reader bench for staff, whose work no longer involves any great physical exertion.

The savings to be made are enormous. Consider that whereas the previous year with the same workforce we worked 5 crates, now we do more than 20, so that’s a considerable saving.
We chose Unitec technology because I believe it is one of the most professional companies as regards high-precision sorting of fruit.”

Cono Randazzo

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