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“Master’s Degree in Food Engineering”.

This is the name of the new university excellence of the Milan Polytechnic presented at the inauguration event on 18 June 2019.

UNITEC was there as an official Partner and member of the Advisory Board of the new Master together with excellent companies such as Esselunga, Granarolo, Number1, Unilever, Goglio and Nestlé.

UNITEC, in fact, supported and played a leading role in this important project from the earliest stages.

As part of the UNITEC team – explains Angelo Benedetti, President of UNITEC – we are very happy that this project has taken shape. We have wanted and strongly supported it since the beginning, as we believe that technological innovation is never an end in itself, as it should always be oriented to generate concrete results.

UNITEC, as a member of the Advisory Board, within which it is the only company in the field of fruit and vegetable handling and quality selection, will also have the task of supporting the Polytechnic in defining the specific contents of the study program of the Degree Course.

We love being Responsible for the Results we generate. – continued Benedetti – And in this case we are taking on a very special Responsibility: that of contributing to the training of future professionals who will be able to help us in our work and in our daily challenges of improving production processes of Companies in the fruit and vegetable sector. This is a source of great joy for us at UNITEC.

The Milan Polytechnic and UNITEC are linked by a solid and concrete collaboration, stronger and stronger year after year. This pushed the University of Milan to contact UNITEC in order to have a valid and concrete support when it began to conceive the new Degree Course dedicated to the formation of a class of Engineers dedicated to innovation in the agri-food sector, a group of specialists able to put themselves at the service of the entire production chain.

The collaboration between the Milan Polytechnic, UNITEC and the other Partner Companies has thus given rise to the Master’s Degree in Food Engineering, which from September 2019 will form a new class of Engineers that the sector has long needed: technicians able to combine agro-food, chemical, logistic and management engineering skills. “All-round food engineers,” explained Ferruccio Resta, Rector of the Polytechnic.

The strong “practical” vocation of this degree course links UNITEC and the dawning Degree Course very closely: in a world where theory and practice often flow on two distinct tracks, where studies are too detached from reality, sometimes even engineering studies, the Master’s degree in Food Engineering will instead be strongly devoted to field work and it will be in English, precisely to meet the international vocation of UNITEC and of the other Companies involved.

This new Course, explains Maurizio Masi, director of the Chemistry Department of the Milan Polytechnic: “it was designed ad hoc thanks to the dialogue with companies in order to create a specific figure, able to fit immediately into the labor market“.

UNITEC and other partner companies will be real “fellow travellers” for students: they will participate in training by organizing workshops, seminars and technical visits and will provide scholarships for the most deserving students. During the last semester students will move to UNITEC or to one of the other partner companies, in order to immediately put into practice what they have learned and enrich themselves with experience.

The vocation for technological innovation as a source of concrete results and the inclination to “field work” are not the only points in common between the new Master’s Degree and UNITEC. There is also a remarkable similarity in terms of values: UNITEC strongly believes in economic-productive growth combined with environmental sustainability, in “producing better and consuming less” and the Master’s degree in Food Engineering aims at training Engineers oriented towards increasingly innovative and high-performance technologies, always keeping a watchful eye on environmental sustainability and reducing the waste of resources.

The creation of this Degree Course is the new goal achieved by UNITEC.

The first important step of this project, as ambitious as it is concrete, started with a beautiful energy, involving companies with passion for innovation and with a long-term vision and willing to take full Responsibility for their Results.

Companies of excellence willing to give life to a future characterized by just as much excellence.

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