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Processing, sorting and grading machines and lines for Oranges.

With Unitec technology and innovation, your business bears delicious citrus fruits.


This fruit may appear to present no particular processing problems, as it not classified as delicate product, but actually it requires careful handling. If not handled gently by machines during processing, the shelf life of oranges can actually be significantly reduced and this, in turn, leads to a drop in consumer-perceived quality.

orange fruit


Our orange processing technologies boast a number of special features. High capacity, satisfying the needs of even the most demanding processing plants in handling this fruit. Precision quality selection: with our ULTRAVISION system, quality selection is carried out with utmost accuracy. In addition, the ULTRAVISION system is easily adaptable to suit the specific needs of individual markets or customers.

With ULTRAVISION systems, we can carry out the entire external quality selection process in oranges, so that manual selection becomes unnecessary. Along with quality selection, the machine also carries out electronic optical/volumetric sorting which guarantees far more precise grading than with traditional mechanical systems.

Beautiful oranges processed by our sorting machines
Orange processing machine made in Italy by Unitec


Our company conducts research on a daily basis in the field of electronic optical quality detection and this has enabled us to create extremely reliable and efficient selection systems to detect defects in oranges. In short, systems that are EFFECTIVE. Availing of Unitec technology, our customers are today in a position to greatly enhance the quality of their produce and at the same time benefit from significant savings in processing costs.

Grading Machines and Lines for Oranges, by Unitec
Sorting machines for oranges or citrus fruits
A processing plant of oranges at work
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