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Processing, sorting and grading machines and lines for Persimmons.

With Unitec technology and innovation, your business bears delicious fruit.


Persimmons can be processed using innovative technological solutions that offer significant advantages over traditional manual processing systems.


A significant improvement in efficiency is obtained mainly as a result of grading the fruit into classes based on size and colour as soon as it arrives at the fruit & vegetable processing plant (up to four different colors can be selected).

By grading the fruit in this way upon arrival, the ripening of the persimmons can be programmed taking into account market demands, and processing costs can be significantly reduced. Moreover, the market can be guaranteed produce with uniform size and ripeness.

This technology also enables significant reductions in waste resulting from the ripening process, since ripening of the fruit is planned based on the colour selected by the optical vision system.


Our technology enables reliable and accurate colour selection of persimmons (optical system designed specifically for this fruit). The lines can be constructed in two ways: one with dumping/automatic feed and another with dumping/manual feed.

Macchine, Impianti e Linee per la Lavorazione dei Cachi


These are extremely flexible and versatile plants, indeed they can be used to process other types of fruit too, and they greatly enhance the quality of produce being presented to the market (uniformly sized and suitably ripe). In addition, they guarantee greatly reduced processing costs compared to traditional systems.

Processing, Sorting and Grading Machines and Lines for Persimonns

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