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Processing, sorting and grading machines and lines for Watermelons.

With Unitec technology and innovation, your business bears delicious fruit.


Our UNI BIG technology for weight-based sorting of watermelons was developed in order to provide concrete, quality solutions, in addition to increasing the handling capacity for this particular product.

Processing, Sorting and Grading Machines and Lines for Watermelons

Innovative technology.

UNI BIG has unique characteristics in the field of watermelon processing: extremely accurate weighing, robust construction and, lastly, high capacity (3 fruits per second for each line). This technology can grade watermelons up to 10-12 kg in weight and with a diameter of up to 300 mm. UNI BIG is designed specifically for watermelons and is ideal for a range of different needs as it can accommodate one or more sorting lanes.

Cost saving and improved quality.

Providing a response through UNI BIG to the need for high capacity, precision sorting, delicate handling and automation of feeding and packing stages has enabled cost savings in the processing of this fruit. Processing lines with UNI BIG can be equipped with automatic bin tipping and emptying, wet or dry brushing systems and packing tables with pneumatic conveyor systems for shifting crates after packing, in addition to palletizers used for preparing footboards.

The combined action of these various aspects has helped considerably to increase profits for our clients who process watermelons.

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