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Processing, sorting and grading machines and lines for Rounded Pears.

With Unitec technology and innovation, your business bears delicious fruit.


There are a number of valuable varieties of pear which are highly susceptible to bruising, like Williams, Santa Maria, Pakham, etc.
Unitec Pears graders and processing lines are designed to handle all varieties with great success. This is possible because the machines present at each processing stage (from feeding to packing through grading) have been developed, tried and tested to deal with the most delicate fruits of all.

Innovative technology.

Pear processing lines require particular care at every stage. We believe that the results we have achieved in over 25 years of processing this kind of fruit allow us to confidently state today that any fruit & vegetable processing plant in need of pear processing technology (for any variety) can look upon us as a safe port where it can anchor its future in the treatment (sorting, quality selection, packing, traceability…) of this fruit. What’s more, it can count on guaranteed, reliable solutions that respond to every need, from the simplest to the most complex.
UNICAL 200, UNICAL 600, UNI ONE LF jolly and UNI TWIN jolly technologies, including our various sorting systems (PEAR VISION Unitec Technology, QS ONLINE, etc…) allow us to offer a tailor-made solution to any requirement on pears.
Processing, sorting and grading machines for Rounded Pears (Williams, Pakams, etc)


Great cost savings: automation of the feeding, washing, singulating and sorting stages, and of selection of volume, color, shape and length, has enabled great savings in the processing costs of pears.

Quality selection.

Pear Vision UNITEC Technology is the new system that enables detect different quality classes of rounded pears, thanks to an efficient sorting of the external quality to 360°, in addition to weight, optical size and color.

This innovative technology can be programmed to regulate defect selection on the basis of the specific requirements of the target-markets.


The lines/machines designed for this fruit are extremely versatile and can also be utilized for every other pear variety.

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