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Unitec. Innovative lines, plants and machines for fresh fruit and vegetables processing.

At Unitec we aspire to excellence in the design and manufacture of lines, plants and machines for processing fresh fruit and vegetables. Our common goal is to work in close partnership with Customers in order to maximize efficiency and quality, contributing to their success by using our equipment. The greatest gratification for us is the smile of our Customer that achieves its goals through the results obtained with our technologies and professionalism.

A new smart technological system for cherry classification, which is totally automated.

Cherry Vision 3.0

Once more, Unitec has changed the rules in the world of cherries.

The classification of this precious fruit improves day by day with Cherry Vision 3.0,
without the assistance of manual selection.

Protect the future of your business.
Choose who is reliable.
Choose who keeps promises.
Choose Unitec.

Fruit Sorting and Grading Lines
Equipment, Plants and Machinery for Processing Fruit and Vegetables

Some of our results.

Trevor Hall
“I would rate Unitec within the top two companies I’ve ever dealt with in my life.”

Franco Paoli

“Everything is quicker now and there are immediate results for what concerns the processing.”

Alejandro García Huidobro

“These machines are really marvellous!”

David Ortega
Orchard View – Usa
“Thanks to Unitec technologies we are getting really good results.”

Hernán Garcés
San Francisco Lo Garcés-Chile

“Our company has been consistently
growing thanks to Unitec.”

Marco Salvi
AFE Salvi-Italy

“Excellent partners and excellent solutions for delicate products.”

Cristián Allendes
La Hornilla-Chile

“I’d always wanted to own a Ferrari and
by deciding to work with Unitec,
I think I got it.”

Atanasio Naranjo
Tany Nature-Spain

“I do not know any machine in the world
that surpasses this one in terms of gentle handling and flexibility.”

Tom Gotelli
O-G Packing-USA

“Highly professional and competent.
The machine is a real revolution.”

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