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Blueberry sorting, grading and processing machines, equipment and plants.

More Unitec technology for your business more business for your blueberries.

The first technology in the world for blueberry sorting and grading

that creates excellent results in selecting and classifying blueberries quality.

It has no real cost.

It pays back quickly thanks to the results it creates for your business.


A sure profit for your future.


Continuous innovation of our technologies to enhance your business.

Unitec blueberry sorting machines and lines are equipped with BLUEBERRY VISION 2 Technology.
BLUEBERRY VISION 2, Unitec innovative and exclusive Technology, enables the analysis of the whole surface of the fruit, in order to detect possible defects (from a small overripe or soft area to small cracking).
This is the only way to achieve the best quality classification for your blueberries.

Inspects 100%
of fruit surface.


Unitec Technology. The best possible result.

Reliable quality classification of your blueberries.

Guarantee that fruits will be sorted according to the journey they have to make to reach the market of destination.

Tangible expansion of your business that derives from the enhancement of the consistency over time of the quality supplied to the market.

Total zeroing of manual selection costs.

Significant process cost reduction.

Classificazione della qualità
Classificazione della qualità

Grading and sorting.

Reliable quality classification with Unitec blueberry grading and sorting machines and equipment.

BLUEBERRY VISION 2 Unitec Technology enables operators to analyze internal and external quality parameters and to grade blueberries according to:

  • size
  • color
  • skin defects
  • pulp defects
  • excessive softness
  • presence of stem
  • over-ripeness
  • shriveling/dehydration
  • bruise


Presence of stem

Presence of stem

Peeling on the stalk

Peeling on the stalk













It enables you to
classify each berry.

It enables you to
enhance your business.


Unitec BLUEBERRY VISION 2 Technology offers many benefits.

Labor cost
reduction for quality

Extreme gentleness when handling fruit and great respect for its natural features.

Supplying the market with uniform produce characterized by reliable quality.

Considerable increase in process efficiency.

User-friendly technology, extremely easy to use.

Higher profitability and earnings for Packing Houses and Growers.

A guarantee for consumers.

No claims.

New markets opening.

La Tecnologia Blueberry Vision
La Tecnologia Blueberry Vision
La Tecnologia Blueberry Vision
La Tecnologia Blueberry Vision

100% Unitec.

Unitec is always on your side.

It develops with you the most effective projects in order to make your business even more satisfying. Based on these successful experiences and with the innovative technology that distinguishes it, Unitec designs and develops complete blueberry processing lines and packing equipment.
Always with Unitec reliable quality.

Make the right choice.

Choose the best for your business, choose BLUEBERRY VISION 2.

A good classification of your blueberries results in a better and wider supply.
No claims with less waste and excellent results in revenues.
BLUEBERRY VISION 2 Unitec Technology enables you to establish a new and reliable relationship with the market.
With BLUEBERRY VISION 2 you can build a future whose roots lie in the reliability of the product.

Classificazione Mirtilli

Choose the original.

Choose Unitec, choose BLUEBERRY VISION 2.

We were the first that met the need of a high-precision technology for blueberry sorting and grading in a fully automated way, with BLUEBERRY VISION 2.
This is a technology we constantly improve, based on our expertise.
BLUEBERRY VISION 2 is part of Unitec cutting edge technologies, that always pay off, considering the major savings and growth opportunities they offer. Unitec BLUEBERRY VISION 2. The first. The original. The only one that enables you to give the market your blueberries at their best.

Classificazione dei Mirtilli, totalmente automatica con Blueberry Vision
classificazione dei mirtilli, totalmente automatica con Blueberry Vision

We never stop.

We keep innovating.

To innovate continuously is our passion.
To improve your business is our goal.
We are already developing new projects to constantly improve our blueberry processing technologies.
And to build further tangible results for your business.

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