Sorting, lines, machines and installation to sort Blueberries. 

More Unitec technology for your business, more business for your blueberries.


Thanks to its experience working side by side with the Packing Houses, UNITEC has developed advanced vision technologies to guarantee Consistent Quality in the selection of your blueberries.

Blueberry Vision 2 and Blueberry Vision 3 are the UNITEC Technologies that allow you to view 100% of the surface of each fruit, to achieve the best quality selection of your blueberries.

Blueberry Vision 2 allows to offer the market a product of Consistent Quality over time and homogeneous product within each package and between one package and another.

With Blueberry Vision 3 the maximum reliability and precision in quality selection are combined with the gentleness in the treatment of each blueberry to help the Packing Houses increase their productivity.

UNITEC is at your side.

Together with you, UNITEC elaborates the best possible projects to make your business even more satisfying: to make a sorting phase more efficient or to build complete lines.

100% UNITEC.

From dumping to traceability, the lines are completely designed and manufactured by the UNITEC Team.

This is a unique guarantee of reliability.

Classificazione della qualità
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