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Processing, sorting and grading machines and lines for Melons.

With Unitec technology and innovation, your business bears delicious fruit.


We have dedicated particular attention to melons, so that our customers can make significant progress in the processing of this fruit, which often comes in a wide range of different shapes and sizes. Having specifically designed several new machines for this product, we are able to provide tangible, reliable responses to the market’s requests for improvement in this field.

Innovative technology.

We developed a new washing and drying system for this fruit which removes any soil or dirt picked up from the field. Particular attention has been focused on the grading and quality sorting stage, with the design of the new UNICA electronic sorter and the QS ONLINE innovative system for the non-destructive detection of brix degree, designed specifically for the different varieties of this fruit. The sorter is ideal for a range of different production capacity requirements, since its modular design can incorporate one or more sorting lanes.

Quality selection.

The QS ONLINE system provides an effective response to the need to select and/or divide fruit based on its sweetness (brix degrees).
The QS ONLINE system, developed over many years of hard work, enables in-line detection of brix degrees of melons without the need to manually sort fruit: this process allows significant cost reductions and enables customers to meet effectively to the most demanding markets.

Processing, Sorting and Grading Machines and Lines for Melons

Cost savings and improved quality.

The various machines designed for this specific fruit have delivered significant savings in processing costs. Along with this important breakthrough (cost savings), thanks to washing and drying systems, correct precision-sorting by weight or volume, colour selection and lastly selection of brix degrees with the QS ONLINE system, and of course our working in close partnership with our customers, we have achieved our goal of improving the quality of product presentation to the market. The combined action of these various aspects has also helped to increase our customers’ profits.

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