Sorters, lines, machines and installations for sorting and packing Apricots.

We offer sorting and quality selection technologies for the different varieties of Apricots.

Many varieties. Many opportunities.

Packing Houses want to be ready to offer the market the many varieties of Apricots. UNITEC helps each Customer identify the necessary parameters for a correct selection of its fruits and process them with gentleness and attention, in order to achieve the best possible Result.

UNITEC technologies help enhance each product and give its Customers the chance to create new business opportunities and reach even the most demanding markets. All this, with the aim of reducing sorting costs and waste of good fruits.


Selection of external and internal quality for each parameter required. UNITEC Technology can reduce to zero the help of manual selection.

With UNITEC Technology your business has no boundaries.

Whether you have to process peaches or nectarines to precalibrate them or to pack them directly, for low or high production, UNITEC creates for you real Results in fruit sorting.


Apricot Vision 3 is the innovative UNITEC technology for the detection of the internal and external quality of Apricots.

UNITEC technology allows you to offer the market a product of Consistent Quality over time, to enhance your Apricots and build your Customer loyalty, as well as allowing you to meet the needs of a constantly evolving market.


Gentleness, automation and reduction of management costs also in packing. UNITEC automated technology provides reliable and performing answers even in this sorting phase, treating your Apricots with extreme gentleness. 

UNITEC, through its innovative and high performance Technologies, allows you to detect with high precision the weight of packages, thus avoiding risks of disputes.

Versatility of the lines.

UNITEC lines that sort Apricots can sort other fruits of similar shape (plums, peaches, nectarines, kiwifruits, mandarins, etc.)

100% UNITEC.

From emptying to traceability, the lines are all designed and produced by the UNITEC Team.

This is a unique guarantee of reliability.

Linee e macchine per la calibratura e lavorazione delle Albicocche
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