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Apricot sorting, grading, packing and processing machines and lines.

We offer processing and measurement technologies for new varieties too.
And for your new business.

New varieties.

New varieties arrive on the market.
Are Fruit & Vegetable Processing Plants prepared for this new business?

Unitec technology always helps.
Now, even with the new varieties of apricots, identifying with great gentleness the parameters necessary to classify them correctly: size, colours with red patches, degree of ripeness, external and internal defects.

Unitec technology allows you to make the most of the product’s quality and identify new commercial possibilities. All this while reducing waste and processing costs.

Unitec’s sorting, grading and processing machines and lines are totally automated and can be completely customised.
With 1 or 2 lanes and low investment costs or with lines of up to 8 lanes, always with extremely gentle emptying.
Unitec’s apricot packing systems and equipment are totally automated too. They operate with great gentleness, reducing the number of processing staff and consequently costs.

Finally, an accurate traceability system integrated with the apricot processing lines permits complete control of the packed produce.


Unitec apricot grading and sorting machines and plants feature the innovative Apricot Vision 3 system.

Apricot Vision 3 UNITEC Technology is Unitec’s exclusive technology for the detection of the internal and external quality of apricots.

It enables to detect: size, weight, color, internal defects, external defects, softness and degree of ripeness.

The result is assured Consistent Quality classification over time.

Exclusive quality selection.

Vision as never before.

Some defects detected.

Difetti Albicocche Rilevati dalla Calibratrici Unitec
Esempio di Difetto Albicocca rilevato da Apricot Vision di Unitec
Esempio di difetto Albicocca Rilevato dalle Selezionatrici Unitec

High technology.

Unitec technology does a great deal for the apricots business.
And it does it very well.


The fruit is worked noninvasively and respecting its characteristics.

Customized packing.

Apricot lines can be customized to work with every type of package.


Great versatility with multi-analytical technology.


It records the required information for the purpose of traceability.

Lavorazione Albicocche
Calibratura, Linee e Macchine per Lavorazione Albicocche
Linee e macchine per la calibratura e lavorazione delle Albicocche
Calibratura e Lavorazione delle Albicocche

100% Unitec.

Unitec is always at your side.

We work with you to develop the most efficient projects to make your business even more profitable. Based on this successful experience and its renowned innovative technology, Unitec designs and manufactures complete apricot processing lines covering all stages from dumping to palletising. Always with Unitec quality.

Apricot packing.

Gentleness, automation and reduction of running costs in packing too.

Unitec’s automated technology provides solutions with high quality and reliability in packing too. Above all, when it needs to be extremely gentle to treat your fruit with respect and extremely cost-effective out of respect for your business.
With Unitec, apricots and your business are in good, high-tech hands.


A Unitec trademark.

The installation of each Unitec system is in full compliance with the conformities and of your business, present and future.

Calibratrice Albicocche


Unitec takes loving care of your business.

Unitec develops new winning ideas together with you.

That is, it works to make the achievement of your goals concrete.
To grow your business and grow together with you.

You can count on us, whether you are market leader or, simply, entrepreneurs looking to the future.

Discover Unitec solutions.
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