Sorters, lines, machines and installations for sorting Peaches and Nectarines.

We select the quality of your fruit with extreme gentleness to help you grow your business.

New markets.

UNITEC is at your side in sorting Peaches and Nectarines to enhance and respect these precious fruits. In order to help you reach the most demanding markets, even if they are far from your production areas.


Selection of external and internal quality for each parameter required. UNITEC Technology can reduce to zero the help of manual selection.

With UNITEC Technology your business has no boundaries.

Whether you have to process peaches or nectarines to precalibrate them or to pack them directly, for low or high production, UNITEC creates for you real Results in fruit sorting.

Packages without having to adjust the weight.

UNITEC, through its innovative and high performance Technologies, allows you to detect with high precision the weight of the packages, thus avoiding any risk of dispute.


Peach Vision 3 and UNIQ Peach are UNITEC innovative technologies for the selection of the external and internal quality of Peaches and Nectarines, both yellow and white flesh, and flat peaches with UNICAL 600 transport system, which completely safeguards the integrity of the product.

UNITEC technology is at your side to offer the market a product of Consistent Quality over time, reducing waste and processing costs. To build Customer loyalty and to open new business opportunities.

Versatility of the lines.

UNITEC lines that sort Apricots can sort other fruits of similar shape (plums, peaches, nectarines, kiwifruits, mandarins, etc.)


From emptying to traceability, the lines are all designed and produced by the UNITEC Team.

This is a unique guarantee of reliability.

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