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Sorters, lines, machines, and installations for handling Chestnuts.

We give your business the strength of innovation and experience.




New and growing market requests have called for a step forward in handling chestnuts, both if this product is intended for the fresh market and for the bakery sector or the processing industry.

The UNITEC systems dedicated to chestnuts offer major savings in costs and manpower optimization, improving the efficiency of the entire handling process.


UNITEC’s solutions are 100% Made in Italy and built inside the company, starting from defining the project to making the mechanical, electric, and electronic components, software, automation, traceability, and quality selection systems.

At UNITEC we design and create innovative solutions that give the opportunity to obtain concrete and long-lasting Results.

castagne tunnel


The Chestnut Vision 3 vision system, linked to the UNICAL 244 sorter, ensures reliability in sorting chestnuts, and allows to subdivide the product homogeneously according to size, form, and quality classes.

Indeed, Chestnut Vision 3 allows detecting typical external defects of this product (cracked, with holes, with bud), in addition to size, form and optical weight, to give every fruit its own destination market.

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