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Processing, sorting and grading machines and lines for Lemons.

With Unitec technology and innovation, your business bears delicious citrus fruits.


Lemon A particular characteristic of lemons is that they differ depending on the time of year they are harvested. Each season presents its own unique characteristics and this has made our task even more challenging, in particular regarding the development of the new LEMON VISION 3 Unitec Technology system for detection of external defects.


Thanks to LEMON VISION 3 Unitec Technology, quality selection can be customized based on the individual requirements of each market, from the most to the least demanding, as the system allows gradual adjustment of the level of quality selection for each type of defect.

Quality selection.

Achieving accurate quality selection in lemons based on the target market was a challenge that required a great deal of endeavour on our part. An endeavour that culminated in the LEMON VISION 3 Unitec Technology electronic optical system, which gave our customers the solutions needed to improve quality selection. This selection had previously been performed manually, and precisely for this reason was unable to offer a lasting guarantee as it relied on personnel not always skilled in this delicate and difficult task.

Cost Savings.

Switching from laborious manual selection to LEMON VISION 3 Unitec Technology not only brings considerable benefits in terms of quality presented to the market (benefits which have generated higher profits), but also affords our customers greatly reduced costs for the quality selection process.

Processing, Sorting and Grading machines and Lines for Lemons


The high sorting and colour selection capacity is in no way impaired by the quality selection process, since our LEMON VISION 3 Unitec Technology roller transport system can process up to 12 fruits/sec per sorting lane, thus meeting to the requirements of even the most demanding fruit & vegetable processing plants in terms of capacity.

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