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Equipment, plants and machines for Apples processing, sorting, grading and packing.

We give your business the power of innovation and of reliability.


The choices you make today are the future of your business.

Unitec technologies have improved the business of many fruits. Soon, even that of Apples.
Because they are innovative, able to select different levels of quality, with the utmost gentleness that really makes all the difference.

One of the characteristics that makes Unitec unique is the ability to support producers by
delivering high performance solutions thus creating maximum efficiency.

For example, in the possibility to select the fruits also for the duration of shelf life, in
order to allow the producer to initiate new marketing strategies. Even the most distant,
complex and profitable markets.
Unitec offers great results even in the apple industry. It is professional, organized and
innovative. Its ability to listen to the customer’s objectives is one of its strengths.
And, above all, when Unitec promises, Unitec delivers.


Unitec processing machines, plants and lines for Apples are the only ones in the world equipped with Apple Vision system, the apple color grading technology that allows you to select the Apples with the longer shelf life.

Apple Vision UNITEC Technology selects each quality parameter of red, yellow and green apples: internal defects, external defects, dry substance, hardness, Brix degree, in addition to the classic parameters of size, color and shape. With Apple Vision UNITEC Technology it is then possible to satisfy even the most demanding and profitable markets through the guarantee of quality and shelf life. With Unitec equipment innovative technology, your Apples will be ready for any market.

More solutions.

Unitec technology is available to all businesses.

Apple Vision UNITEC Technology and the traceability software specially designed are able to guarantee a solution to every necessity, both of the producer and of the consumer.
In systems of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest and most complex.
Always with the highest reliability guaranteed.
Unitec. The power of technological innovation, the gentleness to respect your work.

Apple Traceability by Unitec

High technology.

Unitec Technology does a great deal for the apple business.
And it does it very well.


The fruit is worked noninvasively and respecting its characteristics.

High productivity.

A UNITEC system with Apple Vision allows you to work up to 10 fruits per second for each lane.


Great versatility with multi-analytical technology.

Customized packing.

Lines can be customized to work with every type of package.


It records the required information for the purpose of traceability.

100% Unitec.

From dumping to palletisation, always with Unitec innovative quality.

Unitec Apple Processing Lines


Often beyond expectations.

A dependable team, expertise and ability to make your business goals a reality through cutting-edge technologies. These are the elements that allow Unitec to deliver great results, often beyond expectations.

Apple Sorting, Grading, Packing and Processing Machines, Equipment and Plants


Unitec quality even in Apples packing.

Special fruit treatments such as waxing, fruit labeling, bins labeling, traceability.
With maximum cost effectiveness.
Even in packing, Unitec technology provides high-quality solutions and reliability.
With every type of packing. Always.


The installation of each Unitec system is in full compliance with the conformities and of your business, present and future.

Apple Sorting Lines by Unitec

Around the world.

Many of the world’s apple growers have chosen Unitec quality, innovation and technology.
Here are some examples.


Unitec takes loving care of your business.

Unitec develops new winning ideas together with you.

That is, it works to make the achievement of your goals concrete.

To grow your business and grow together with you. You can count on us, whether you are market leader or simply, entrepreneurs looking to the future.
Unitec is there. Always.

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