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Processing, sorting and grading machines for
Elongated Pears.

With Unitec technology and innovation, your business bears delicious fruit.


Abate Fetel and Conference pears have a distinctive elongated shape that can vary from one harvest to another or depend on each orchard characteristics. The quality and delicate nature of these varieties makes them highly valued in many European and Latin America countries.
We launched our first processing machine for this fruit way back in 1985: we have come a long way since that first exciting step, which we took with great enthusiasm and confidence. To date, we have provided plants for dozens of customers who process Abate pears, from small companies (with semi-automatic solutions) to much larger organizations (with more automated solutions).

Innovative technology.

Our UNICAL 200 grader for pears has been periodically updated and optimized (from 1985 to the present day) in order to constantly enhance performance, especially regarding the gentleness guaranteed at every single stage of our lines for this valued fruit. This continuous updating has enabled us to guarantee the greatest of care throughout Abate pear processing, from dumping of bins in water, to electronic optical sorting and the final packing stage.

With UNI ONE LF jolly and UNI TWIN LF jolly we can create Abate pear processing plants even for small-scale productions. Nonetheless, these small lines offer all the advantages of weight-based and optical sorting which allows precision grading of size and optimum presentation of the product to the final consumer.

Processing, Sorting and Grading Machines for Elongated Pears (Abate Fetel, Conference, etc)


Great cost savings: automation of the feeding, washing, singulating and sorting stages, and of selection of volume, color, shape and length, has enabled great savings in the processing costs of Abate pears.

Optimum presentation of the product to the consumer: fruit & vegetable processing plants that have installed our technologies can today offer the market a uniform product that is attractively packaged in packs/cases; we have been able to achieve this excellent result thanks to reliable precision grading of fruit based on size, length and also (where required) shape and colour.

Quality selection.

PEAR VISION Unitec Technology is the new system that enables defect sorting on Abate Fetel pears. This innovative technology can be programmed to regulate defect selection on the basis of the specific requirements of the target-markets.


The lines/machines designed for Abate Fetel pears are extremely versatile and can also be utilized for every other pear variety.

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