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Sorters, machines and lines for sorting Hazelnuts

With UNITEC innovation your business generates delicious fruit.



UNITEC has built a new patented method which is guaranteeing important benefits in sorting and selecting hazelnuts.

New and growing market demands require a step forward in sorting this product, whether hazelnuts are offered to the consumer as a whole fruit, or as grit paired with other dry fruit or used in confectionery.



With the Hazelnut Vision system, UNITEC has created an effective answer to the need to select the external quality of both raw shelled hazelnuts and roasted hazelnuts, detecting typical defects such as bugged and rotten, and shape defects (oblong, double), and also select shelled hazelnuts.

Hazelnut Vision, entirely designed and manufactured within UNITEC R&D Department allows user to select fruit according to multiple parameters related to the external quality and to its different degrees of intensity and scan 100% of the surface of each hazelnut.

Raw shelled or roasted hazelnuts.

In-Shell hazelnuts.



100% by UNITEC


UNITEC solutions are 100% Made in Italy and manufactured completely within the company, from defining the project to manufacturing mechanical, electrical. electronic, software components, automation, traceability and quality selection systems.

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