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Climate variability and international political instability reinforce the role of technological solutions. At Fruit Attraction an overview of the available range.


Madrid, October 3rd, 2023 – Climate change, international uncertainty and political instability require companies in the fruit and vegetable industry to pay close attention to the fast-changing needs for adjustment of the offer. For example, the effects of extreme weather events, which have an impact on significant portions of a company’s production, making it unmarketable. The sudden closures or major downsizings of certain markets due to political or economic reasons, which force companies to direct their offer towards different destinations, with the need to adapt it both in terms of distances to be covered and in terms of characteristics to be fulfilled.

Without the support of technological solutions that allow the automation of the necessary adjustments, all this would be impossible. Think, as a mere example, about how to manually select the quality of a batch of product affected by hail, even just by 30-40%; or – without the support of automated sorting solutions – how to select a product suitable to withstand 10 days of transit time.



UNITEC has been working towards this direction for 100 years and, having gained experience on more than 50 different types of products, today (with its own, one-of-a-kind experience) is able to tailor its technological know-how according to clients’ specific needs, allowing them to stay fully connected to market requirements. Internal and external quality selection, packing and palletizing, robotic solutions from field to picking in the shipping warehouse, are the areas where UNITEC solutions can be integrated. These, together with the on-site customer care service, allow to provide a complete, efficient and timely service in all the phases of production, also thanks to the network 20 operational offices across the 5 continents, among which is the UNITEC Iberica branch that has been working with the Spanish and Portuguese packing houses for more than 20 years.

At Fruit Attraction (Hall 7, C23 / B25), UNITEC presents different solutions that help packing houses to improve their handling process and to face with assured success the market challenges that the market imposes:

  • the range of UNIQ solutions, entirely developed and built in-house, for internal quality selection each dedicated to a single fruit (UNIQ Blueberry, UNIQ Cherry, UNIQ Apples, UNIQ Plum, UNIQ Kiwi, UNIQ Peach, UNIQ Melon, UNIQ Avocado, UNIQ Onions, etc.);
  • UNICAL 222 Berry, with Blueberry Vision 3 and UNIQ Blueberry vision systems;
  • UNICAL 200 Cherry, with Cherry Vision 3.0 and UNIQ Cherry vision systems, an extremely versatile solution that can also be used for cherry tomatoes, date tomatoes and plums;
  • UNICAL 10.0, from the Unisorting brand, dedicated to avocados, flat peaches, peaches, onions, oranges and lemons
  • the range of solutions on display is completed by UNI INTELLIGENT PACK DATES, a robotic system to pack dates by lining them up in the box, developed and built by the UNI Robotics department of UNITEC Group.



Many are the innovations and solutions that the UNITEC Group is showcasing at this edition of Fruit Attraction.

Solutions that stem from a deep vocation for innovation that has been in UNITEC’s DNA for 100 years.

Innovations – both as new products and as continuous upgrades of existing technologies – that the UNITEC Group designs and manufactures every day in its Research and Development Centre, which has recently been expanded and renovated in the Lugo headquarters (RA) and where more than 120 researchers work.



Innovations born from the need to respond to the real needs of the fruit and vegetable industry worldwide, and every day the UNITEC Team makes them available to the packing houses across the world that aspire to grow, working alongside them to be a loyal technological partner able to help them improve their present and future business. For 100 years and for the next 100 years.

UNITEC, We Work for your Results.

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