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Processing, sorting and grading machines and lines for Rubin Cherry Tomatoes.

With Unitec technology and innovation, your business bears delicious vegetables.


A new technology is now available to enhance the processing of Rubin cherry tomatoes, an extremely delicate and valuable variety which requires extra care and precision at every stage of processing in order to fully preserve its organoleptic properties.


The use of UNICAL 200 cherry ultra-high capacity electronic sorters and of the CHERRY TOMATO VISION 3 Unitec Technology system enables perfect precision sorting based on size, colour and defects for Rubin cherry tomatoes. These systems are designed and built by our professional team of technicians, with combined expertise in all areas of technology (mechanical, electronic, electrical engineering and software). Thanks to these innovative technologies, we can guarantee non-destructive detection of the internal and external quality of Rubin cherry tomatoes. Sorting and quality selection stages handle the fruit extremely gently, inspecting each fruit in its entirety while safeguarding 100% the characteristic freshness and delicateness of Rubin cherry tomatoes.
The technology guarantees optimum colour selection, which enables our clients to satisfy even the most exacting market demands regarding product quality and presentation. The precision sorting that we guarantee allows clients to offer end consumers a product which is particularly appealing to the eye thanks to its uniform appearance.

Quality selection.

For quality selection, we designed and developed CHERRY TOMATO VISION 3 Unitec Technology, the new high-capacity non-destructive system for detection of Rubin cherry tomatoes quality, which carries out selection based on a number of parameters including external quality, shape defects, in addition to optical size and colorand efficiently separating perfect fruits from those with imperfections.


CHERRY TOMATO VISION 3 Unitec Technology is a highly versatile technology because it can be used for different types of small fruit during quality, size and colour selection stages.
The CHERRY TOMATO VISION 3 Unitec Technology system can be customized to suit the various product and market requirements. This new technology significantly reduces the labor-intensive task of manually selecting defects in these small fruits and enables valuable savings in processing costs.
Processing, Sorting and Grading Machines and Lines for Rubin Tomatoes

Some defects detected.

Plant quality and versatility.

Our company is characterized by a willingness to overcome the limitations of standardized plants. At Unitec we customize our systems, machines and solutions to the specific needs of each and every fruit & vegetable processing plant. We firmly believe that plants must be designed specifically to fulfill their maximum potential in their appointed installation environment. All our sorters for processing Rubin cherry tomatoes are constructed in AISI 304 stainless steel.


Our systems designed for this fruit guarantee extremely reliable processing. This reliability has enabled us to establish these technologies in some of the world’s most demanding markets, including Japan where systems are required not only to be highly innovative, but also reliable and custom-built.

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