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Cherry Vision 3.0 works perfectly:

this technology allowed us to be much more efficient, precise and meticulous

in the quality selection of cherries.

Our growers are more than satisfied of our job

and, of course, so our customers too.

This serves as a genuine quality recognition from our partners!

These are the enthusiastic words of Thomas Coignat, Owner of Cerifrais, a French shipping and packaging house specialized in cherries, at the end of the first cherry season carried out with the help of UNITEC technology Cherry Vision 3.0.

Cerifrais, for several years now a UNITEC customer, and previously owner of a Cherry Vision 2 system, invested in the new UNITEC Cherry Vision 3.0 technology, and the Results have arrived soon.

UNITEC line for the processing of cherries in France.

Great satisfaction also for Faury, a Packing House in Provence. The owner underlined that the choice to buy this new technological upgrade from UNITEC allowed obtaining the maximum yield from the line:

Thanks to Cherry Vision 3.0 we were able to use 100%

of the operating potential of the sorter.

The owner Yann Faury pointed out that the aid of Cherry Vision 3.0 technology has significantly increased production efficiency, allowing a reduction, or rather a valorisation of the waste:

This technology has enabled us to make the most value out of waste selection

turning it into a real second grade

to be traded rather than eliminated.

In fact, it would have been very difficult to manually handle these batches because they contain many defective cherries: thanks to Cherry Vision 3.0 they can be handled efficiently, with an important reduction in waste.

This technology, in fact, allows the fruits to be divided into a multiple classes, according to various parameters independent of each other, and therefore to lose nothing of this precious product.

Therefore, Cherry Vision 3.0 allows to create classes suitable for different distribution and marketing channels. The more mature cherries, for example, can be sold in local markets, the less ripe ones can be exported, as they can handle longer transit time without quality problems on arrival on the target markets, etc.

The use of Cherry Vision 3.0 technology also leads to the opening of new and more profitable export destinations, even in markets that are very far from the processing place, as it allows to select and send to those markets only fruits suitable for traveling for many days.

UNITEC Cherry Vision 3.0 system, an upgrade to Cherry Vision 2 technology, is, in fact, the latest frontier in the field of cherry quality selection.

In addition to allowing cherries to be selected on the basis of size, color and softness, achieving levels of reliability never achieved before, this technology is able to detect with extreme precision the presence of cracks or damages on the bottom of the fruit (the so-called apical damages): a very important technological plus that is fundamental in seasons affected by intense rains.

UNITEC Cherry Vision 3.0 technology installed in France.

Yann Faury underlines how precious Cherry Vision 3.0 is in detecting the insidious apical damages:

A large number of “cracks” affected the Burlat variety

and the detection of the “apical” defect by Cherry Vision 3.0

allowed us to select these cherries with excellent results,

with great satisfaction of our customers.

Cherry Vision 3.0, entirely developed within UNITEC Research and Development department, is in fact equipped with new high-resolution cameras, which scan 100% of the surface of the cherry, allowing the fruit to be entirely seen, even in its more hidden spots.

The same goes for the French Packing House Ruel: they specialize in the production and processing of cherries and they already had a UNITEC line equipped with Cherry Vision 2 technology. They have now invested in the new Cherry Vision 3.0 system and commented positively the capacity to guarantee a “global vision” of this upgrade technology of UNITEC. Here are the words of Romain Ruel, Owner of the Company:

We get better quality at the exit of the sorter,

and nothing to say about the detection of apical damage!

With Cherry Vision 3.0 there is a better view of the totality of the fruit.

There is no longer that “blind spot” on the fruit, which is an area that was not visible by the cameras.

UNITEC Cherry Vision 3.0 technology installed in France.

Finally, Thomas Coignat of Cerifrais commented that, thanks to Cherry Vision 3.0, his Packing House was able to obtain many cherries with a level of qualitative homogeneity within the supply that would otherwise be difficult to imagine:

Regarding the addition of the “apical damage” selection program,

this year, thanks to this selection possibility,

we have not found any cherry with this type of defect in our first quality class and, in consideration of the adverse climatic conditions we suffered during the season (frost, wind, rain, hail and heat waves),

I am absolutely amazed by the extraordinary quality selection

that we could achieve!

The words of the French Customers and the Results obtained filled with joy UNITEC Team, working every day to make their technologies more and more precise, reliable and efficient, with the aim of supporting the Packing Houses in achieving their concrete Results.


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