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UNICAL 8.0 with APPLES SORT 3 and UNI 9.0 PEAR with PEARS SORT 3:



Rimini, 05/09/2018 – UNITEC Group, an international company specializing in designing and implementing solutions for its clients through technology for fruit and vegetable processing and quality selection, is once again a top exhibitor at Macfrut, the exhibition taking place in Rimini on 9-11 May 2018.

After the recent opening of the new Unitec Asia Pacific branch in Melbourne, Australia, UNITEC Group will join this edition of Macfrut displaying the technological excellence that distinguishes the company and that has made it a leader in improving customers’ businesses, whether they are small businesses or large enterprises operating in the fruit and vegetable industry.

Thanks to the expertise gained in over 90 years in the business, constantly innovating with its focus firmly set on the future without neglecting practical results, UNITEC has managed to develop an outstanding sensitivity and flexibility vis-à-vis customers’ demands, which allow it to successfully tackle the needs of structured companies as well as growing companies seeking quality in order to grow.

Cherry Vision 3.0 by UNITEC: a springboard for international business

We really believe that Cherry Vision 3.0 will help us to stand out considerably, mostly because we can now obtain final products of excellent quality, in order to be able to compete in the most important markets, like the Asian one.

This is what Victor Maroto, Sales Director of Chilean fruit and vegetable packing plant Exportadora Fruttita, said in 2017 about the possibility provided by UNITEC‘s Cherry Vision 3.0 technology to penetrate new, more profitable markets.

The 2018 edition of Macfrut seems to be particularly focused on internationalization. UNITEC Group, which has always worked in the global market with confidence and makes 90% of its revenues abroad, is a perfect fit at the trade show presenting Cherry Vision 3.0, the smart technology that allows fruit and vegetable packing houses that choose it to successfully penetrate foreign markets that they could not even consider before.

Indeed, besides offering sizable cost savings due to the automated technology, Cherry Vision 3.0 also allows a remarkable increase in process efficiency and can ensure an unprecedented Consistent Quality over time,

which generates confidence in large-scale distribution and fosters loyalty among end consumers, even the most demanding ones, regardless of where they are located in the world.

In general, Unitec technology really helps us to increase our export quota […]

Thanks to Unitec technologies, sorters and quality classifying systems we have succeeded in creating a brand, since our fruit is recognized by its uniformity.

We’re a growing company and with UNITEC we feel that we’re supported by a partner with whom we can continue to grow our business.

With these words Pablo Godoy, Managing Director of the Chilean fruit and vegetable packing plant Servicios San Cristobal, spoke in 2017 about how impressed he was by the performance of UNITEC’s Cherry Vision 3.0.

UNITEC Group will also be present at Macfrut with Unisorting, a new, professional solution for apples and pears: Unical 8.0 with Apples Sort 3 and Uni 9.0 Pear with Pears Sort 3

Unisorting, specialized in quality selection of apples, pears, dates, potatoes and onions, will also make an appearance at the Rimini trade show with some of its most recent innovations.

One of these is Unical 8.0, launched in 2017 and awarded with the 2017 Macfrut Innovation Gold Medal, now with the new Apples Sort 3 vision solution, which stands out for its ability to classify apple quality.

Among the customers who immediately understood the potential of this technology, Giancarlo Minguzzi is the owner of the namesake fruit and vegetable company and expressed his satisfaction as follows:

The first result is the rapidity we obtained in detecting and

selecting the defects according to the required quality.

Regarding the software, we noticed that it is very easy to use.

Speaking with my operators, I’ve seen that it suits them very well.

The compact design of the sorter is one of the characteristics I noticed in the first place. I did not think that by shrinking the sorter like we did, we would still reach a higher productivity.

All the parts of the machine, and in particular the cups area, are easy to clean, therefore we avoid contaminations.  We can use high-pressure cleaners without damaging any part of the machine, and this is already a big advantage itself.

The Apples Sort 3 vision system featuring very high resolution cameras classifies every apple with extremely high accuracy and efficiency, ensuring unprecedented precision.

This technology can provide a response to an extraordinary range of needs and parameters: internal defects, external defects, Brix content, adding to traditional size, color and shape. Moreover, it can classify apples based on combinations of the same parameters, making it possible to create new product classes.

Unical 8.0 was designed to be 100% sanitizable, that is to say it can rid fruit of contamination during the sorting phase.

Another jewel on Unisorting’s crown, also appearing at Macfrut, is Uni 9.0 Pear with Pears Sort 3, a technology used to select the inner and outer quality of pears.

This technology allows the processing of fruit while accurately respecting its characteristics, besides being absolutely versatile thanks to its multi-analytic technology suitable for all pear types.

Uni 9.0 Pear stands out also for its flexibility and user-friendliness: setting processing and quality selection parameters is both very simple to perform and easy to manage.

“We work for your results” is the essence of UNITEC

I would rate UNITEC within the top two companies I’ve ever dealt with in my life.

Firstly for professionalism, secondly for friendship, thirdly for the partnership.

That’s the sort of people they are.

They’re working not only for themselves, for their business, they are working for yours.

With these words Trevor Hall, owner of the Australian fruit and vegetable packing house Hallmark Orchards filled the hearts of the UNITEC staff with joy.

Every type of fruit has its own specific characteristics (fragility, shape, requirements, etc.). With its passion, enthusiasm and professionalism, the UNITEC Team provides answers for almost all types of fruit (including the most “challenging” ones), producing tangible results for fruit and vegetable packing plants in the world that want to provide reliable and consistent solutions to customers and end consumers alike.

In Unitec we work every day to help our customers achieve their goals,” said Angelo Benedetti, Chairman of the Group. “Our slogan ‘We work for your results‘ expresses the essence of our work at UNITEC Group.”

The goals our customers set out to achieve become our goals. We firmly believe in this statement and as a Team we want to keep driving innovation to help our customers all over the world to be successful thanks to our technologies. 65% of our work comes from customers who are expanding their current lines because they’ve had success using our technology,” concludes Benedetti, “and we take great pride in this.