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Japan is a good market for doing business and to acquire a good quality positioning, but it is also a risky market for those ‘cheaters’ who sell poor-quality products. This is because the quality standard in the Japanese market is very high. Consumers buy products when they recognize their value.

These are the words of Gianluca Bagnara, expert in the fruit and vegetable sector who was part of the mission led by the European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Phil Hogan, aimed at facilitating European agri-food exports to Japan.

Japan, the third largest economic power in the world, keeps gaining popularity among all Packing Houses that want to expand their business in a country with great economic resources, but also requiring very high quality standards.

The fruit and vegetable product capable of successfully penetrating the Japanese market and of meeting Consumer expectations strands out for its high quality, for its homogeneity within each individual package and for its coherence between different supplies.

The product resulting from the handling and quality selection carried out by UNITEC technologies can fully satisfy these requirements.

The UNITEC systems, in fact, thanks to the extreme reliability and precision of their technologies, are able to sort fruit and vegetable products, even the smallest and most delicate ones, such as cherries and blueberries, in quality classes of Consistent Quality, at every supply and over time.

In fact, UNITEC technologies are able to sort fruits based on a variety of quality parameters – such as internal and external quality, degree of softness, shape defects, and of course, weight, size and color – and to separate, for instance, “Premium” Quality products with very valuable organoleptic characteristics from those of medium range or intended for the food industry.

Alongside Consistent Quality within each supply and over time, it is also essential that the Japanese market, albeit far from the original place of production and processing receive perfectly intact fruits.

And this requirement is also satisfied by UNITEC technology: the possibility guaranteed by UNITEC technologies of separating overripe fruits from those characterized by an adequate level of maturation, prevents contamination of the “good” product and ensures that it reaches its destination in optimal conditions even after traveling many days.

UNITEC in recent years has already allowed many Packing Houses from all over the world to export their fruit and vegetable products to countries in the Far East that are extremely demanding in terms of quality required.

The case of China is emblematic. Several Packing Houses from Latin America that have relied on UNITEC technologies to sort their blueberries have been able to export their product to China, achieving great success and approval from Asian consumers.

This is the case of the Chilean Packing House Frusan which, thanks to the help of UNITEC Blueberry Vision technology, has expanded its export share so much that it has now become the largest exporter of blueberries from Chile to the Asian continent.

The Market Managers of several Chinese Large-scale Retail chains have noticed a substantial increase in the appreciation of Frusan blueberries since they started being processed and sorted with UNITEC Blueberry Vision technology.

Clients trust Frusan blueberries completely.

By using this new technology, this brand has been very successful.

Its quality is stable and its sales price has gained a leading position in the market.

These are the words of Mr Hu Tianzhong, Market Manager of the Shangai Nongfu Fruit supermarket chain. His declaration leaves no room for interpretation: it testifies to the absolute success of the product resulting from this kind of handling.

Moreover, the same situation occurred within the Super Harvest supermarket chain. The Market Manager Mr. Wang Weifeng has explicitly stated:

Since Frusan started using these technologies,

so compared to some years ago,

blueberry sales have increased considerably, at least by 30%.

Alongside the UNITEC Blueberry Vision technology for the blueberry quality selection, UNITEC has designed and developed technological systems specialized in selecting the quality of many other fruits: Cherry Vision and UNIQ Cherry for cherries, Apples Sort and UNIQ Apples for apples, Pears Sort for pears, Kiwi Vision and UNIQ Kiwi for kiwifruits, Plum Vision and UNIQ Plum for prunes, Apricot Vision for apricots, Orange Vision for oranges, etc.

Thanks to their high standards of reliability and performance, each of these technologies is able to create product classes that meet the expectations of the notoriously demanding Eastern Consumers and therefore to generate concrete Results in terms of increased exports to these markets for the Packing Houses that choose to adopt them.

UNITEC President Angelo Benedetti looks to the future with optimism and confidence, expecting that soon the same phenomenon occurred in the Chinese market will also occur in Japan: “What happened in China will soon happen in Japan too. We are confident that UNITEC technology is the best way to break down barriers and create new business opportunities! Forward-thinking entrepreneurs know this and we are ready to support them in their ambitious yet concrete growth projects, thanks to the strong increase in exports allowed by our technologies. “

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