The Spanish Cherry Season began a few weeks ago and is keeping in suspense the entire cherry supply chain, that is about to complete the work of a whole year. The sector is in turmoil and persistent rains make everything even more complex, but Spanish Packing Houses who have chosen UNITEC technology Cherry Vision 3.0 for processing and selecting their fruit quality are obtaining surprising results.

With Cherry Vision 3.0 technology, the advantages are truly remarkable,

especially in varieties such as the Red Pacific, which has apical cracks problems.

It is specifically in this aspect that we are noticing the difference,

and we are fully benefiting from it!

As well as in other aspects (…): homogeneous colour inside the crate, perfectly selected defects, pinpoint accuracy of the sorting.

These are the words of Carlos Llambrich, Llamfruit Cherry General Manager, which is a Packing House located in the autonomous community of Aragon, Spain. It has been producing, processing and exporting cherries for over forty years and has chosen to rely on a cherry line entirely produced by UNITEC and equipped with Cherry Vision 3.0 technology.

His words leave no room for interpretation, the message is evident: a lot of satisfaction for the great results achieved just a few weeks after the beginning of the season.

UNITEC system Cherry Vision 3.0, the upgraded version of Cherry Vision 2.0 technology, is the latest frontier in the field of cherry quality selection.

In addition to allowing cherry selection according to their size, color and consistency reaching levels of reliability never achieved before, this technology is able to detect possible cracks or lesions on the bottom of the fruit (the so-called apical damages) with extreme precision: a very important technological plus that is fundamental during cherry seasons unfortunately characterized by heavy rains, like the current one.

Also Jordi Mora, Frutas David owner, underlines how precious Cherry Vision 3.0 is in detecting the insidious apical damages. Frutas David is another Spanish Packing House in Aragon with forty years’ experience in the cherry production sector who has chosen UNITEC technology for selecting of the quality of their cherries:

Despite the initial bad weather and the large quantities of fruit with cracks,

we are in the middle of a season in which

we had no problems with target customers, which is obviously the most important thing for us.

As far as we know, my company and my colleagues, who once adopted Cherry Vision 2,

Cherry Vision 3.0 allows better detection of apical damage.

We work with some particular varieties, such as the Red Pacific,

which often have cracks on the bottom side

and thanks to Cherry Vision 3.0 we are solving the problem!

Cherry Vision 3.0, entirely developed by the UNITEC Research and Development department, is equipped with very high resolution cameras, which scan 100% of cherry surface and is able to have a complete vision of the fruit, even in its more hidden parts.

Therefore, thanks to this UNITEC technology, Packing Houses can obtain cherry lots with a level of homogeneity that was previously difficult to imagine and almost unattainable in rainy seasons: both in terms of quality uniformity inside the packaging, and in terms of quality uniformity between one package and another.

We can say that Cherry Vision 3.0 allows the achievement of absolute Quality Consistency with each supply and over time, which conquers the final Consumers and leads them to choose cherries selected by this technology one first time and then over and over again.

The achievement of this competitive advantage over time therefore results in the loyalty of the final consumer.

The use of Cherry Vision 3.0 technology also leads to the opening of new and more profitable export opportunities, even in markets that are very far from the processing place, as it selects and sends to those markets only fruits suited for long distance travelling.

Carlos Llambrich, Llamfruit Cherry General Manager, spoke of this virtuous circle triggered by Cherry Vision 3.0 technology:

This year we have received many compliments from all our customers for the work we are doing with regards to color, size and the absence of defects.

The change is remarkable!

This allows us to ship to Asia and Europe without any problem!

I think that without Cherry Vision 3.0, we could not have achieved this result. And the orders are increasing considerably!

Zero complaints in local and overseas markets, despite the rains.

New markets and business growth.

These are the results that Llamfruit Cherry is obtaining thanks to Cherry Vision 3.0, which allowed the Packing House from Aragon to meet all customer expectations, allowing it to successfully support the export process of cherry exportation to countries that are known to require very high quality standards, such as Asia.

The full satisfaction of Customer expectations was also highlighted by Jordi Mora, Frutas David owner, who underlined how UNITEC system Cherry Vision 3.0 allowed him to not have complaints in a season characterized by such a treacherous weather:

We ended up with lots that are probably impossible to process without this technology! Cherry Vision 3.0 allows us to work with the guarantee and security of not receiving complaints.

The decrease and, in some cases, the total abatement of complaints due to the gap between agreed and offered quality has always been one of the main benefits of UNITEC technologies which, thanks to the absolute Quality Consistency achieved, ensure full compliance between what is established and what is actually obtained.

At the time, Cherry Vision and Cherry Vision 2 had already given extraordinary results. Today, Cherry Vision 3.0 technology has led to a further evolution, thanks to its even greater selection accuracy:

We have had the greatest improvement since we bought this technology:

Cherry Vision 3.0 is six times more accurate than the previous version and,

once we used it, we came to the conclusion that

buying Cherry Vision 3.0 is not a whim, but rather a necessity!

With these words, Jordi Mora, Frutas David owner, filled with joy the UNITEC Team, who works every day to make their technologies more precise, reliable and efficient, with the aim of supporting Packing Houses around the world.

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