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UNITEC technology opens the doors to distribution and serves as a distinguishing mark of consistent quality guaranteed over time. Even in the Far East.


Why did we choose UNITEC?

It was the service we received that initially impressed us:

every question we asked was answered quickly and in a good time frame!

The main reason for the choice was certainly the technology and the fact that all the manufacturing is done in-house! Nothing boarding from an outside agent.

Moreover, we knew that UNITEC had an excellent service in Australia:

they have a branch in Melbourne, so we were very confident that they were committed to us and servicing the machine.

Stuart and Michelle Walton, owners of the Australian packing house BackCreek Orchard, used these words to explain the reasons behind their decision to invest in UNITEC Cherry Vision 3.0 technology for handling their cherries and selecting their quality.

Stuart Walton then added another factor that played an important role in their decision: the numerous positive feedback received from the owners of the packing houses they talked to:

The other owners or installers in Australia – we had a good talk to those –  they all said the same thing!

Everyone we spoke to said the service is good, the backup is good, and that done us.

And the Results of this decision were not long in coming! Michelle Stuart explains that UNITEC Cherry Vision 3.0 technology acts as a real mark of quality recognition among distributors:

Cherry Vision 3.0 – Michelle stated opened the doors with so many supermarkets and agents.

They are banging on the door because they know the technology is good and they want our fruit!

As a matter of fact, Cherry Vision 3.0 allowed BackCreek Orchard to pack cherries with extreme quality homogeneity within and between each package: classes of cherries of Consistent Quality within each supply and over time. Which is exactly what distributors and end consumers are looking for.

This quality uniformity, difficult to imagine without a technology such as Cherry Vision 3.0, is due to the ability of this system to select the quality of cherries with great reliability and precision according to multiples parameters independent of each other: external quality, softness, absence or presence of stem, in addition to the more classic size and color.

And while this is important for the domestic market, it is even more important for the export market, especially in countries with very high quality standards such as the Far East.

Asian consumers demand batches with high levels of quality homogeneity and with the help of Cherry Vision 3.0 technology the Australian packing house can satisfy them.

In the export market – declared Stuart Walton – the quality level required is higher than the domestic one.

From Hong Kong, Singapore and in general from Asia they ask us: “Do you have optical technologies?”.

Therefore, having an optical technology is an advantage and having Unitec technology is even more an advantage, because it is world renowned!

Our exports will definitely grow.

The opening to new and more profitable export destinations, even in markets that are very far from the processing place, is not only due to the achievement of the Consistent Quality allowed by Cherry Vision 3.0, but also to the fact that this system allows to select and send to those markets only fruits that can travel for many days. As a matter of fact, Cherry Vision 3.0 allows separating overripe fruit from fruit with an adequate level of ripeness, thus preventing contamination of the “good” product and ensuring its arrival at its destination in optimal conditions even after travelling for many days.

Cherry Vision 3.0 sees the totality of the cherry.

It doesn’t miss the apical part of the fruit, while many other companies’ cameras do!

It’s the only one on the market at the moment that sees 100% of the cherry!

These are the words that Stuart Walton used to comment on Cherry Vision 3.0 ability to detect the presence of insidious cracks or damages at the bottom of the fruit (the so-called apical damage): a very important technological plus that is fundamental in seasons affected by heavy rains.

As a matter of fact, Cherry Vision 3.0 is equipped with new high resolution cameras, which allow you to see the total surface of the fruit, even in the apparently most hidden parts.

The benefits that Cherry Vision 3.0 has brought to BackCreek Orchard are more than improving the brand reputation, achieving competitive advantage and reaching particularly profitable target markets. As a matter of fact, Cherry Vision 3.0, thanks to its degree of automation, has also led to significant savings in terms of labor costs and to a significant increase in the production efficiency. These are Stuart Walton’s words on the subject:

You don’t need anyone on the line, you don’t need staff to physically handle the fruit and check it. It’s faultless, we can’t complain.

We packed for three other growers, all very impressed.

One grower who used to pack manually said what we had done in an hour and a half, would have taken him 8 hours!

The satisfaction of the Australian packing house and of those who interfaced with it is a source of great satisfaction for the UNITEC team. Furthermore, it confirms that its technology for the selection of the quality of cherries leads to benefits at all levels of the supply chain, from the grower to the packing house, from the packing house to the distributor, from the distributor to the final Consumer.

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