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Lugo, Ravenna (Italy), 03/09/2018 – Once again this year UNITEC is at the forefront of the Asia Fruit Logistica exhibition, taking place 5-7 September 2018 in Hong Kong, displaying the technological excellence and strong innovation that characterize it as a company specialized in technologies for the processing and quality selection  of fruit and vegetables, aimed at achieving concrete results for Packing Houses around the world.

The main feature of the UNITEC stand will be Blueberry Vision 2 technology for blueberries quality selection, which makes it possible to view 100% of the fruit both internally and externally, providing unprecedented reliability.

The proof is in the results obtained by the Packing Houses which have chosen Blueberry Vision 2 for the processing of their blueberries, among the most delicate fruit and the most loved by Asian consumers.

Chilean Packing Houses stand out among the companies that have achieved excellent results in the Asian world: in recent years, through the quality consistency of supplies guaranteed by the high reliability and precision of UNITEC sorting technologies, they have conquered the hearts of Chinese consumers, who are notoriously very demanding regarding both the softness of fruit and the presence of external defects.

The Chilean Packing House Frusan, which chose UNITEC Blueberry Vision technology for the processing of its blueberries, has achieved a strong competitive advantage in the Chinese market.

Mr. Wang Weifeng, Market Manager of Super Harvest, the important chain of Chinese supermarkets that has chosen Frusan as its blueberries supplier, confirms:

Since Frusan started using these technologies, (…) blueberry sales have increased considerably, at least by 30%.  In these blueberry boxes everyone can see that thanks to the selection carried out by UNITEC technologiestheir size is uniform, bloom is preserved and the skin is cleanerFruits with red tops are removed, the color is uniform and you have a good feeling looking at themChinese clients love this kind of quality.

These great results obtained through Blueberry Vision 2 have also been achieved by other important blueberry-producing countries, including the USA, Peru, South Africa and Europe.

Recently, Costa de Huelva Cooperative (for short, Coophuelva) of the Onubafruit Group chose UNITEC by purchasing a 32-channel plant equipped with Blueberry Vision 2 technology, which has made it the Packing House with the largest blueberry plant in Europe and one of the largest in the world.

From the start Coophuelva has shown grateful appreciation for this technology which, from its very first 2018 season, has given excellent results. The comments of José Rodriguez, Operation Manager for the Cooperative, leave no doubts:

The advantage UNITEC lines offer us is that they enable us to sell blueberries of “total” qualityWhile before one defected blueberry may not be rejected, now all the blueberries are of good quality with UNITEC technology[…] The final result we get with Blueberry Vision is a guaranteed success!

The opening of a new operating branch, Unitec Asia Pacific, highlights how important the Asian market is for UNITEC.

The branch, based in Melbourne, was created in order to support UNITEC clients in Australia and New Zealand, providing them with the best possible service (rapid supply of spare parts and highly specialized assistance), but also in order to bring UNITEC even closer, geographically as well, to the Asian world.

Asia – said UNITEC Vice President and Commercial Director, Luca Montanariis a very important reference market for UNITEC.

It is a market that imports fruit and vegetables with very high quality and reliability standards.  A market like this cannot fail to be an extremely interesting market to UNITEC, which every day deals with the design and manufacture of technologies that aim to meet these requirements and the growing needs to ensure quality consistency of fruit and vegetables over time.

UNITEC – asserted Montanari – has already had very extensive experience first with cherries and then with blueberries that are exported to this market, which was one the first in the world to understand the value of technologies for the correct, precise and reliable selection of internal and external quality as a strategic asset for success.

In a market like this, our technology, always inspired by excellence and perfected over more than 90 years of operation, finds its ideal space, a space where its potential can best be realized.

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