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take center stage at ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA 2019.


thanks to the Consistent Quality they guarantee with each supply over time.

Hong Kong, 4th September 2019 – Also this year, UNITEC is at the forefront of the Asia Fruit Logistica exhibition, scheduled in Hong Kong from 4th to 6th September 2019. UNITEC brings all the technological excellence and strong innovation that characterize it as a Company specialized in technologies for handling and sorting fruit and vegetable quality, aimed at continuing to create excellent and concrete RESULTS for Packing Houses in the World.

The protagonists of the UNITEC booth in this edition of the exhibition are the RESULTS generated over the years by UNITEC technologies and the latest innovations born in UNITEC:

  • Blueberry Vision 3 technology, the last frontier in the field of blueberry quality selection, presented and launched on the international market at Fruit Logistica in Berlin;
  • the Cherry Vision 3.0 and UNIQ Cherry technologies, designed to select respectively the external and internal quality of cherries with a reliability and precision that are unprecedented in this sector;
  • the Kiwi Vision 3 and UNIQ Kiwi systems for external and internal quality selection of all the varieties of kiwifruit, even those with yellow flesh, which require particular gentleness in the treatment.

As usual, the RESULTS obtained by the Packing Houses that have chosen UNITEC technologies speak for themselves.

Clients trust Frusan blueberries completely

By using Blueberry Vision technology,

this brand has been very successful.

Its quality is stable

and its sales price has gained a leading position in the market.

End clients are very satisfied, reactions are excellent and we’re happy about it.

The words of Mr. Hu Tianzhong, Market Manager of the Chinese supermarket chain Shangai Nongfu Fruit, that buys blueberries from the Chilean Packing House Frusan, leave no room for interpretation.

Blueberries handled and selected by UNITEC Blueberry Vision technology used by Frusan present a level of qualitative homogeneity never achieved before.

Qualitative homogeneity within each supply and between one supply and another: in other words, Consistent Quality over time that conquers the final Consumers in the long term, even those with very high quality standards such as the Asian consumers.

The blueberry quality selection guaranteed by UNITEC Blueberry Vision technology, in fact, is so precise, reliable and performing that it allows the selection of the product in perfectly homogeneous classes according to a multiplicity of parameters independent of each other: internal quality, external quality, soft fruit, shape defects, as well as more classic parameters, such as size and color.

Bluberry Vision 2 technology, the first technology in the World capable of inspecting 100% of the surface of each blueberry, had already enabled the Packing Houses of the five continents to achieve surprising RESULTS, but UNITEC Blueberry Vision 3 has all the credentials to bring a new and profound evolution in the global blueberry market.

Equipped with very high-resolution cameras, Blueberry Vision 3 guarantees an unprecedented reliability in quality selection, which is combined with an increase in productivity and a gentleness in fruit handling never achieved before.

Such a level of reliability and gentleness also guarantees that the quality of the products is kept intact upon their arrival on the target markets, even when they are far away from the place where the handling takes place!

As anticipated, alongside the Blueberry Vision 3 technology, UNITEC will exhibit technological systems dedicated to the external and internal quality selection of two other fruits particularly loved by Asian consumers: Cherry Vision and UNIQ Cherry for cherries; Kiwi Vision and UNIQ Kiwi for kiwifruits.

All of these technologies, thanks to the high standards of reliability and performance that distinguish them and make them unique, are able to create product classes that even meet the expectations of more demanding Consumers like those of the eastern world. They are therefore able to generate concrete RESULTS in terms of increased exports to these markets and strong business improvement for the Packing Houses that use them.

UNITEC President Angelo Benedetti looks at the future with optimism and confidence: “The RESULTS achieved to date by some of the world’s leading fruit exporters thanks to UNITEC technologies are surprising and we are certain that UNITEC technology, as in the past, is the best way to give life to new business opportunities. Forward-thinking entrepreneurs know this and we are ready to support them in their ambitious and concrete growth projects, thanks to the strong increase in exports allowed by our technologies.”

UNITEC is a company that has always been inspired by excellence and which has been perfected in over 95 years of activity. In a market like the Asian one, characterized by very high quality standards, it finds its ideal space, a space where it can best express its potential. Today and in the future.

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