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THE UNITEC GROUP BOOTH (Hall 9 – Booth 9D13)



Blueberries, cherries, peaches, plums, apples, pears, kiwi, etc .: for each type of fruit, UNITEC, a group with an Italian heart but having worldwide operating branches – Spain, France, USA, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Turkey, Russia, Australia and Canada – offers the most powerful technology.

Maximum reliability in internal and external quality selection of every single fruit is now possible thanks to specific and cutting-edge technologies such as Blueberry Vision 3 for blueberries, Plum Vision 3 and UNIQ Plum for plums, Cherry Vision 3.0 and UNIQ Cherry for cherries, Peach Vision 3 and UNIQ Peach for peaches, Apples Sort 3 and UNIQ Apples for apples, Kiwi Vision 3 and UNIQ Kiwi for kiwis.

These and many others are the technologies that UNITEC will exhibit in this edition of Fruit Attraction 2019 (October 22-24, Madrid).

Many Packing Houses of the Iberian Peninsula have grown over the years thanks to the help of UNITEC technological solutions. One of these is Tany Nature, a Packing House specializing in stone fruits, linked to UNITEC by a partnership that has continued uninterrupted for 16 years.

We have grown from the initial 200 hectares of stone fruits

to the 2,700 that we currently have.

We were a company dedicated to the national market;

today we are a leading company in Europe in the production of stone fruits,

number one in the world in the production of a fruit as particular as plums.

With these words Atanasio Naranjo, Founder and President of Tany Nature, described the strengthening of the production department of his own Packing House in these years of continuous collaboration with UNITEC. An enhancement carried out according to the logic of constant improvement of technologies, aimed at making them more and more efficient.

The partnership with Tany Nature began in 2003: the first sorters Unical 300 and Unical 600 were later complemented by Plum Vision 3 and Peach Vision 3 vision systems, designed for the external quality of plums and peaches. This choice allowed the Packing House to guarantee Mass Retailers and Consumers a product of Consistent Quality within each package and over time, thus obtaining a long-term competitive advantage, thanks to the greater homogeneity of the final offer.

In light of the Results achieved and the trust established, this year Tany Nature once again relied on UNITEC, with the purchase of the UNIQ Plum system, the innovative UNITEC technology for the selection of the internal quality of plums and peaches. Equipped with very high resolution cameras, UNIQ Plum allows to reveal every organoleptic secret of these fruits, with unprecedented reliability and precision. It is also characterized by an extreme gentleness, which allows preserving all the valuable features of every single fruit.

Atanasio Naranjo Jr., Chief Operating Officer of Tany Nature, was very enthusiastic about this choice:

We are very happy with the Results we are getting.

Thanks to UNITEC’s UNIQ Plum system, which allows us to detect the sugar content,

we were able to select a much larger number of fruits than before

for each sample batch.

We are becoming stronger in selecting batches, thus obtaining a better segmentation of all our fruit.

Therefore, UNIQ Plum contributed to obtaining classes of Consistent Quality plums within each supply and over time, for real long-term Results.

There is also a lot of satisfaction concerning the external quality selection system, which continued to give real benefits in recent years:

The results of Plum Vision 3 system – said the CEO Atanasio Naranjo Jr. – have been with us for three years now.

Nowadays, it is a fundamental system for us to guarantee quality:

Indeed, Plum Vision 3 is helping us to increase production

and to automatically discard all non-marketable fruit,

that should never reach supermarkets.

Moreover, many other Packing Houses of the Iberian Peninsula that chose UNITEC technologies achieved similar results.

For over 20 years, the UNITEC Group has been present on this market with a dedicated branch: Unitec Ibérica, based in San Ginés, Murcia, founded with the intention of staying close to Spanish and Portuguese Customers in a path of continuous improvement of fruit and vegetable processing and selection.

“The UNITEC Group has always believed very much in the Spanish market. – declares Raffaele Benedetti from UNITEC At the Madrid event, we will be full of confidence and desire to put ourselves once again on the line in order to achieve our Customers’ goals. We will bring with us all that is at the base of UNITEC identity: teamwork, professionalism, innovation, know-how deriving from 95 years of history always looking towards the future!”.

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